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Zvenney Hats

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Revalue your style &get your unique, handmadecustom Hat.


The Guy underneath the brim

ZVENNEY HATS  is a small hat manufactory for customized and personalized quality felt hats, fully handmade by Sven Krause-Zair in Bonn, Germany.

The fascination of hats has been part of my life for several decades. The hats of my grandfathers in my childhood were the beginning, movie idols of my youth like Indiana Jones, Bud Spencer & Terrence Hill or the Godfather, continued the enthusiasm. 


My time as a student in Japan had a very special and significant impact on my relationship with hats. The tolerance that prevailed everywhere in Japan - being able to wear what you want without being criticized for it - had a lasting influence on me. It encouraged me to buy my very first quality felt hat and wear it regularly.  


Over the years, I developed a deep passion and love for hats and their manufacturing.

After training with a milliner, the time has now come to share this passion, joy and the positive energy, that I associate with hats, with the world. 

Allow me to emphasize your character and to give you the confidence to make it visible to the outside world. 

Your Sven 

Get inspired

100% unique and handmade hats  to stand out

All hats are made from high-quality fur felts from rabbit or beaver hair &
durable materials,  designed for long lasting use.

"Wearing a hat is like having a baby or a puppy;
everyone stops to coo and talk about it." 

Louise Green
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Bonn, Germany



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